European Conference on Fluid-Particle Separation – FPS 2010

October 5-7, 2010 / Lyon FRANCE


FPS 2010


FPS 2010 : a first success for the new French Filtration Society

Having organized the first World Filtration Congress in Paris in 1974, and the fifth in Nice in 1990, France has a long tradition of living partnership between academics and industrialists developing products, techniques and knowledge in the field of filtration and other fluid-particle separations techniques.After several years of silence, a new organization called SF2P (Société Française des Séparations Fluides-Particules) for French Fluid-Particle Separations Society has been set up in mid 2009.

SF2P has taken over the organisation of a European Conference traditionally organised in Compiègne by Professor Eugène VOROBIEV. The third European Conference on Fluid-Particle Separation (FPS 2010) hold in Lyon (France) last 5th to 7th October. More than 140 attendees from 12 countries from all over the world have listened to lectures and read posters. The three invited papers have been presented by Pierre AIMAR (Research Director, CNRS and University of Toulouse, France) on “Membrane filtration of colloïdal suspensions – an overview”, Professor David PUI (Director of the Particle Technology Laboratory, University of Minnesota, USA) on “Nanoparticle filtration and sustainable nanotechnology”, and Philippe VROMAN (University of Lille, ENSAIT, France) on “Advances in fibers and processes for innovative filter media and related filtration structures”.

The conference has been supported by 12 sponsors and exhibitors showing their products and services (TOTAL, CILAS, FRANCE SCIENTIFIC, GAUDFRIN, IFTS, INFOCHIMIE, ITWM, LUM, MICROVISION, PAMAS, PMT and POLYMEM).

TOTAL has awarded the best young researcher Mr G.-C. AGBANGLA for his work on “Pore fouling by microparticles: experimental and numerical investigation” and sponsored a very enjoyable gala dinner in the old city of Lyon. The SF2P awarded the best poster in liquid-particle separations to N.J. LIN for her

work on “Study of organic fouling mechanism on microfiltration membrane for water treatment applications using confocal laser scanning microscope technique” and the best poster in gas-particle separations to P.-C. GERVAIS for his research on “aerosol deposit characterization via nuclear imaging”FPS is intended to be organised every even year, but in 2012 not to compete with WFC11, the eleventh World Filtration Congress, in Graz (AU).

SF2P will organise national conferences every odd year and the topics have by now been adopted for next years: Gas filtration, Simulation and modelisation, and enhanced separations.


FPS 2010 Committees

International Organising Committee

Eugene Vorobiev (Fr) (Chair), H. Anlauf (De), J.-C. Appert-Collin (Fr), R Ben Aim (Fr), F. Bourgeois (Fr), Y. Gonthier (Fr), E. Iritani (Jp), M. Jekel (De), C. Peuchot (Fr), J.-C. Roux (Fr), D. Thomas (Fr), K.-L. Tung (Tw), Y. Wang (Ch), R. Wakeman (Uk), T. Yoon (Korea).

International Scientific Committee

D. Thomas (Fr) (Co-chair), R. Wakeman (Uk) (Co-chair), H. Anlauf (De), J.-F. Bloch (Fr), G. Chase (USA), A.B. de Haan (Nl), E. Drioli (It), Y. Gonthier (Fr), W. Höflinger (At), C.-P. Huang (Tw), E. Iritani (Jp), D. Lerche (De), W. Leung (Hk), M. Mietton (Fr), M. Meireles (Fr), P. Mikulacek (Cz), H. Nirschl (De), C. Peuchot (Fr), J.-C. Roux (Fr), S. Tarleton (Uk), C. Tien (USA), K.-L. Tung (Tw), E. Vorobiev (Fr), J. Vendel (Fr), P. Vroman (Fr).

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