European Conference on Fluid-Particle Separation – FPS 2014

October 15-17, 2014 / Lyon FRANCE


FPS 2014


FPS 2014 : a successful edition 

Organized by SF2P, the French Fluid-Particle Separation Society, FPS 2014 has hosted 175 participants from 25 countries around the world. A dense program of 80 lectures organized in parallel sessions on particle separations in gas and in liquids had been prepared by the Organization Committee.
Four invited speakers have captivated the public:

  • Professor Hans THELIANDER, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, has offered an interesting perspective of separation technologies in the biorefineries, the factories of the future where primary maters are fully renewable living stocks and not more fossil resources.
  • Professor Kuo Lung TUNG, Taïwan University, Taïwan, has once again fascinated the audience by comparing recent and possible future technological innovations that mimic insects, bacteria and living cells structures and functions. Man has nothing to invent, only to make clever copies of what Mother Nature has invented since beginning of time.
  • Carine BREDA, Veolia, France, has presented the frame of technical challenges to win in the next decades to fulfil human needs related to water. It clearly appeared that no progress was possible without improving existing and inventing new techniques of fluid-particle separation.
  • Dr Jean-Michel BOSSOUTROT, Arkema, France, showed how in process industries, e.g. chemistry, requiring a solid-fluid separation step, significant improvements can be achieved by modifying the characteristics of the solids through a change in their production/synthesis process.

Beside lectures, participants have carried a strong interest in the 30 posters presented by researchers from both industry and universities. The best poster awards have been given to A.JACKIEWICZ for their research on “Analysis of deposits’ behavior inside fibrous filter during non-steady state filtration using X-ray tomography” in gas and to F. ALMOHAMMED for their research on “Combined effect of pulsed electric fields and liming on solid-liquid expression behavior of sugar beet slices” in liquids.

Participants have also discussed with the Exhibitors of services (CETI, Fraunhofer, IFTS, and White House Scientific), software (MATH 2 Market) and measuring instruments (CILAS, and LUM).
The general assembly of SF2P took place on Thursday the 16th evening. Among other decisions, it has been decided to organize the third edition of FPS in 2018 so as not to compete with WFC12 to be held in April 2016 in Taïwan. The two Ph D thesis prices have been awarded to Dr-Ing. Alexandre BESSON for his work on “multiscale study of harvesting of Dunaliella salina – Development of a process of autofloculation-flotation of microalgae” for the separation in liquid phase and to Dr Pierre-Colin GERVAIS for his “experimental and numerical study of the clogging of pleated filters” for separation in gas. The SF2P awards were 1500€ plus free registration and travel expenses to FPS2014.


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