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Alfa Laval Moatti

A subsidiary of the Swedish group Alfa Laval, Alfal Laval Moatti is specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of automatic filters.
Through its operating principles and innovative technologies implemented, the Alfa Laval Moatti filter is characterized by its compactness, low operating costs and lack of supplies. It is mainly used for filtration of lubricating oils and fuels, the equipment of many ships, construction equipment, locomotives and diesel power plants all around the world.



GAUDFRIN Company is specialized in study and design of industrial filters applied to the thickening, dehydration and washing of suspended solids and also the clarification of contaminated liquids. The different technologies used and the extent of the proposed surfaces can achieve a variety of areas such as the sugar, chemical and mineral industry.



Pamas company is specialized in counting particles in liquid process (oil, water and other fluids). The systems sold allow the counting and the determination of sizes of all particles passing through a window in a laser beam (Volumetric Technology). Please, find more information on our website.


Sefar Fyltis

Leading manufacturer of monofilament precision fabrics for customer-tailored solutions for separating, coating and dosing in industrial processes, filter components, screen printing and architectural applications.



Sonitec is the designer and producer of centrifugal filter on sand or Vortisand ® AutoFilter removing suspended solids down to 0.45 micron.
The Vortisand ® finds its interest in drinking water, tertiary treatment, membrane protection, demineralization chains or UV reactors, process water, protection of nozzles and injectors (paper mills, welding robots, plastic industry, …), aquaculture, swimming pool filtration, filtration of surface water, recycling rainwater or well water filtration, filtration derived aero cooling towers, water booster towers filtration, filtration of heat and cold systems). Sonitec also produces membrane separation units and purification skids.



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